• Check List: We help you get yourself ready, we provide sample documents for reference to make it easier for you.
  • Contact Banks:Our experience with banks has created a good relationship; we get advice and recommendations and translate the same into action, while keeping you in the loop to avoid any surprises and disappointments; thus, ensuring a smooth decision.
  • Simulations: We select banks with highest opportunities to obtain the maximum amounts and best rates; we get you simulation options, give you assistance to make up your mind and select the most convenient bank to get the loan from.
  • Process: We submit your application (You need to sign documents), get your application evaluated, analyze missing requirements (if any), fulfill the eligibility, take the hassle of negotiations and stir up the process efficiently where needed and ensure a speedy approval to save your time and efforts.
  • Money in the Bank: Once the application is approved, we follow up for further processing through the necessary authorities and keep you in the loop for the forecasted date of receiving the money in the bank. Then, landlord shall accept to transfer the property ownership to your name.
  • Registration: Most home buyers face complications and surprises once they reach the registration phase; the thing which we've tackled to avoid any pressure. Our registrars can help you obtain the Sak l'Akhdar (Property Registration) and manage all the authorities headache for you in the minimum time possible.
  • We don't stop supporting you here, but help you relook the interior design part of your residence and even help you choose your furniture until the ready-to-move-in stage.

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We commit to make your life easy when purchasing a property in Lebanon, and so we have done by defining your path throughout the process, guiding you through, following up on progress as you continue your daily life without headache. We manage contact with banks and finance houses, we submit your documents, we evaluate chances, develop solutions, utilize our contacts to facilitate and keep you posted on the go until you get the money in the bank and the landlord registers your property.

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